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First class starts October 22!!

Get off the scale AND out of the bathroom!

Learn the biggest and best tools Julie and Beth teach to their individual clients to manage PCOS and IBS--at the same time--without diets! Hosted live over Zoom each week. Julie and Beth will teach core areas to managing your IBS and PCOS.

The Details

  • WHAT: 4 non-diet information and education classes to help you manage your IBS and PCOS taught by Julie Duffy Dillon and Beth Rosen.

  • WHEN: Thursday at 7:30 pm US EST on October 22, October 29, November 5, and November 12. Mark your calendars!

  • WHERE: Where is everything these days? Zoom! Reserve your seat to catch it live or get the replay.

  • HOW: After registering, we will send you a link with directions to access the classes at go time.

  • WHY: Because life is too short to skip dessert or spend it in the bathroom hating your body.

Week 1: Carbohydrates

We think carbs have message and it is not restriction. Consider how carbs fit into your PCOS and IBS management using progressive cutting edge science.

Week 2: Protein

Protein can be a tool to manage your PCOS symptoms. They discuss specific nutrition strategies that have helped hundreds of other people with PCOS lower insulin and inflammation levels.

Week 3: Diet Culture and Body Image

With the painful acne and periods along with the uncomfortable and urgent trips to the bathroom, you may feel like a hostage to your body. Do you feel stuck hating your body because it so unpredictable? Beth and Julie share ways to navigate diet culture and negative body image while managing IBS and PCOS.

Week 4: Supplements, Probiotics, and other Alternative Therapies

Wonder what supplements to take...and avoid?? Probiotics or Prebiotics or both? Do you really need that tote bag full of supplements that Instagram Influence recommends? We take a deep dive to help you decide what is best for you.

Meet your teachers

Beth Rosen


Beth is a non-diet dietitian and the owner of Good Gracious Living Nutrition. She is a GI Dietitian and a Low-FODMAP expert. Beth has  also designed techniques and programs to empower chronic dieters, disordered eaters, and those in eating disorder recovery to mend their relationship with food and their bodies. 

To learn more about Beth, her work, and her philosophy, go to her website GoodnessGraciousLiving.com.

Julie Duffy Dillon


Julie is a anti-diet registered dietitian and PCOS expert that hosts the Love Food Podcast. She has cracked the code to help people with PCOS promote health and diets are not a part--EVER. Learn more about her work at JulieDillonRD.com.

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First class starts October 22nd!


Check out what previous course members have to say about the IBS+PCOS Live Course!

From Annie C.

As someone with both IBS and PCOS, I jumped at the opportunity to learn from Beth and Julie. They did not disappoint! I feel less hopeless and overwhelmed about living with and managing my PCOS and IBS, and I have started to feel more at peace within my body and mind. Julie and Beth were both so intelligent and compassionate and real.  I felt like they both do this work for the right reasons and truly had my best interests at heart, which is surprisingly rare in the wellness industry.

From M.M.

I wanted to learn how to manage my PCOS without restrictive diets. I loved that I could send in questions and they would be answered during the live sessions. I feel so much more relaxed about the subject and I feel I have more knowledge, so my anxiety has decreased.  Beth and Julie seem very friendly and open to any questions or comments

From Courtney G.

I have struggled with my weight and dieting for most of my life, and doctors that have always pushed weight loss as the first suggestion. I’ve also struggled with poorly managed IBS for several years and just got diagnosed with PCOS. This course combining info about both without a dieting focus that was very appealing. I really liked how straightforward and clear both Julie and Beth were about presenting their information. Both were very knowledgeable and compassionate. The slides and handouts were very helpful! The information was presented very clearly and both were very compassionate. Now, I feel more empowered to advocate for myself with doctors as well as more knowledgeable about strategies to manage my diagnosis.

From Kenyatta J.

I struggled with intense carb cravings and diet cycling. I also had a lot of bloating, constipation, and nausea that often came with headaches. For the longest time, I felt that there wasn't anything that I could do to help with my PCOS symptoms, AND my IBS symptoms had caused me major discomfort and disrupted my life. I was super happy to see that you combined IBS and PCOS and I took the course because I realized that I would be doing myself a major disservice if I missed out.  I liked that the course was only an hour each week for four weeks; this was the perfect way for me to learn without getting overwhelmed. I liked the handouts and that the slides were simple and easy to read.  Also, I liked hearing the questions from everyone because they often asked things that I'd never considered.  Lastly, I really enjoyed the topics, particularly the Diet Culture and Body Image discussion. Since taking the class, things have definitely changed for the better; I have noticed that my carb cravings are significantly lower and I don't feel hungry as often. What I liked best about Julie and Beth’s style is that they are both Non-Diet Dietitians, I also like that they were inclusive of everyone and were very thorough and concise.

From Amanda P.

I had a lot of uncertainty about the right way to handle my symptoms and the knowledge that I didn’t want to be on diets for the rest of my life because they hurt and they’re not helpful. No one ever talks about PCOS without weight loss and almost no one talks about it in general. There were no specialists in my area. I didn’t know what to do or who to trust.  I loved having other people in the sessions who had similar issues because we learned from each other. Julie and Beth provided clear, actionable items from each section that I could apply to my daily life. Now, I feel more confident that I can manage my symptoms and I know that they are not all in my head.   I really enjoyed Julie and Beth - they’re honest and comforting.


  • Is this an appropriate course for me if I have an eating disorder?

    This course is designed for chronic dieters and those in recovery from an eating disorder. If you are in the beginning stages of recovery and/or actively engaged with your eating disorder, this will not be a good fit for you. Your eating disorder is priority #1, and needs your full attention and treated before the IBS and PCOS--nutritional rehabilitation will help your symptoms more than anything!

  • I cannot attend live. Can I get the recording?

    Yes! Everyone registered for the course will get the recordings.

  • My IBS and PCOS goals include weight loss. Will I get help with this?

    No. Beth and Julie are fat positive dietitians that use non-diet approaches. The pursuit of intentional weight loss oppresses people, doesn't work, and exacerbates IBS and PCOS symptoms. We honor that every body has ebbs and flows throughout one's lifetime. We hope those taking this course connect with new tools to make peace with their body and the space it takes up.

  • I am a registered dietitian, can I get continuing education for this class?

    Yes! You get 4 CEUs from CDR for this class.

Enroll here now

First class starts October 22!!