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The PCOS and Food Peace course: The Non-Diet And Body Liberating Digital Course By Registered Dietitian And PCOS Expert Julie Duffy Dillon. Here's the investment and payment options for the course. Scroll down for all the details.

Hello. My name is Julie and I help people with PCOS to promote health, make peace with food, and radically reconnect with their own innate wisdom.

You may have seen me in these places before...

Here's what I wish you knew:

Diets failed not you.

I wish you knew diets don't work for most people because it is how our bodies are wired to survive.

Diets didn't work for you because you are a successful human.

You are not defective rather following your important complicated biology.

I wish you knew you were given the wrong tools to manage your PCOS and that's not your fault.

I believe your body has all the wisdom it needs to promote health and reconnect. No matter how long it has been since you trusted that innate skill.

I wish you knew that starting another diet to help manage PCOS is not your only answer. Starting another diet may initially feel hopeful yet that is only short lived. It is seductive though.

I believe diets hurt your PCOS and keep you from health and vitality.

I wish you knew how precious you are today.

Here's what I am against:

I am a dietitian against rigid meal plans, diets, and forbidden foods.

I am against the conventional medical model that is one size fits all. I am against the notion our health is determined by this narrow "ideal."

I am against taking the pleasure out of food.

I am against preying on the vulnerability of those suffering with PCOS saying that a diet will work even though the evidence doesn't support that promise.

I am against making people with PCOS lose weight to qualify for reproductive medicine and other medical interventions.

I am against the notion that you didn't try hard enough to lose weight, control your cravings, or exercise long enough.

You have tried everything to feel better.

I am against shame induced directions to get you to eat more fruits, vegetables, or whatever.

Food is not the enemy. Get to know the real villain:

The Should Eat Fantasy Compliance.

How many diets have you been on? When was the first one? Most people with PCOS have been dieting in some shape or form....or coming off a diet...or preparing to go back on a diet....for as long as they can remember. 

Can you relate?

I believe we live in a culture that has trained us to distrust our bodies and think we need to follow orders to pick out dinner options. We should be eating this. We should be eating that. We must not eat this after 7, or else...

Or else what?

All these shoulds lead most of us toward shame, guilt and distrust of our own innate wisdom. You were born knowing how to eat and how much. All those diets disconnected you from that. 

You may be wondering, "But I feel so good when I am dieting, at least for a little while."

Totally. Diets and preparing for them give the notion that things will be alright soon. Just the decision to embark on a diet can relax and calm you. Your head may feel clear for the first time in a long time. 

The first few days or weeks of a diet can give off a buzz of excitement and kudos from well-meaning friends and family. 

Can you feel it? That's diet seduction.

And it is just a fantasy.

The reality is diets are only short term. They are unsustainable. This is not just a belief of mine rather evidenced-based in literally hundreds of research studies. 

So why do you blame yourself for the diet ending?

If diets don't work for most people, why do doctors and dietitians recommend them?

If diets are actually harmful long term...promoting weight cycling, higher insulin levels, higher tryglycerides, higher blood sugars, depression, and negative body image....why are they recommended to improve health?

Those are important questions with a really nasty answer: the world is so fat phobic that it cannot wrap its head around the notion that weight loss is not a behavior. And, medical science has yet to find ONE diet that works to promote health and promote maintanence long term for most people.

You see how people of size are treated in our world: chairs don't fit, airplanes won't accomodate, and culture hasn't provided equal treatment in academia, the military, or employment.

This constant discrimination sends anyone trying to find a way to fit in. To find more ease in a world that says their body is not acceptable.

A fat body dieting is complying with the orders: eat this not that. Do all that it takes to weigh less. Even if it hurts.

And each time you comply with the orders, the fantasy of equal treatment and a better life fill your head.

This is The Should Eat Fantasy Compliance.

This is the short story for the reason why you keep getting sucked back into Diet Culture and it is so important. You are just doing what you are told while craving equality and decency. 

Unfortunately The Should Eat Fantasy Compliance distracts us all from the facts that diets don't work for PCOS (or most people!) and they are harmful. It also distracts us from the biogtry that comes from weight stigma. 

I want to stand with you radically rejecting diets and reconnecting to your own innate wisdom for health. 

Here's what the Step-By-Step system includes...

  • 12 digital modules in video and audio format to allow you learn in the style that best suits you on your terms at the best time for you. A free downloadable workbook is included too!

  • Ready-for-you audio guided meditations to help you along your tough days with food cravings, body image, and pressure to succumb to The Should Eat Fantasy Compliance.

  • Monthly supportive Q+A calls with Julie to answer any individual questions and help you connect with other course members taking the same steps.

  • Pre Diabetes and Diabetes Bonus module to help you navigate Food Peace while affected by this complicated and common PCOS experience.

Here's what I teach within the PCOS and Food Peace course...

Mile Marker 1:

How to use the scale with PCOS

✔ Learn what conventional PCOS treatment gets wrong about the scale and how you can make it right.

✔ Learn how using the scale harms your long term health with PCOS and what to do instead.

✔ Bonus audio meditations for when body image is particularly tough!

Mile Marker 2:

Stop dieting. Seriously.

✔ Move away from diet rock bottom.

✔ Start to heal your relationship with food and your body.

✔ Begin to feel less cravings and more energy.

Mile Marker 3:

Do you blame yourself for your PCOS?

✔ Learn the origins of your PCOS and why you didn’t cause it.

✔ Do you worry about messing up your food choices? Get real life options to improve your physical and emotional health.

✔ Experience less perfectionism. Yes, you are a perfectionist.

Mile Marker 4:

Learn the PCOS language

✔ Begin to connect with how you body communicates what it needs to experience health.

✔ Build a tailored approach to treating your PCOS.

✔ Begin to take on the role as expert of your body.

✔ Bonus Carb Craving Audio Meditation and Worksheet.

Mile Marker 5:

Strategic Protein Planning

✔ Capitalize protein’s potential role in managing your PCOS and why it is not what you assume!

✔ Connect protein’s role in cravings, fatigue, ovulation and mood.

✔ Grab sample meal plans to experiment with and make your own.

Mile Marker 6:

Fats and Omega 3

✔ Get clear on why fat free doesn’t help PCOS and actually makes it worse.

✔ Learn what types of fat help PCOS and whether some harm.

✔ Get a game plan on ways fats can increase positive mood, better quality ovulation, more energy, lower testosterone, and lower insulin levels.

Mile Marker 7:

Inositol and how it may be behind the source of PCOS trouble

✔ Learn the ins and outs about inositol and what is does in your body.

✔ Get a concrete plan to increase your inositol intake with specific supplements and foods.

✔ Learn how inositol helps your Intuitive Eating experience.

Mile Marker 8:

What you need to know about exercise & PCOS

✔ Ever wonder why your body feels a heaviness making exercise impossible? Learn what’s behind that while improving your physiology so your body craves movement.

✔ Understand how much, how often, and what kinds of movement promote health with PCOS.

✔ Do you hate exercise? That’s ok. You will learn strategies too that work for you and your body.

Mile Marker 9:

Do you have to eat less carbs and sugar?

✔ To limit or not?? That is the question and I will answer it.

✔ Intuitive eating strategies just for you with PCOS that lead you to know which carbs to choose most often.

✔ Get examples of foods that may energize you and help balance your blood sugar and insulin levels.

✔ BONUS Road Map: Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes and PCO

Mile Marker 10:

Get better sleep and improve your health

✔ Begin to connect with strategies to improve your sleep right away.

✔ Understand the bigger picture concerning the role of sleep and sleep disorders contributing to your PCOS symptoms including mood, ovulation, and insulin.

Mile Marker 11:


✔ Explore the different ways stress affects your body and PCOS.

✔ Having PCOS is stressful! Let me tell you what I mean.

✔ Learn strategies to manage stress that helps lower blood pressure and insulin levels.

Mile Marker 12:

Notice the difference. Feel the health and peace.

✔ Continue to move along your Food Peace™ journey.

✔ Your body wants you to succeed and food is not your enemy. Learn advocating strategies to help you improve your overall health and medical care.

✔ See the first ever PCOS Intuitive Eating Scale and learn how to incorporate it into your life.

What others with PCOS have to say about the PCOS and Food Peace course

  • Melissa, woman with PCOS

    "Julie is the kindest and most compassionate person whose approach is grounded in science and data. I feel so much more confident in how to approach my PCOS. There is so much shame embedded in PCOS and Julie removes all of it. I cannot thank Julie enough. She is a stabilizing, compassionate, caring partner in the treatment of disordered eating and PCOS."

  • Elizabeth, woman with PCOS

    "Julie Duffy Dillon knows PCOS inside and out. She spoke to me with compassion and at the same time taught me so much about the underlying issues caused by PCOS. Her specific recommendations have helped me to improve my hormone profile and I feel a lot better. Every woman who has been diagnosed with PCOS should consider working with Julie-- I can't recommend her enough!"

  • Anonymous, woman with PCOS

    "Julie treated more than just my dietary PCOS needs. She treated my entire PCOS experience, including how I relate to the world while navigating through life as a woman in a larger body. I didn’t feel like "another patient.” I felt like Julie saw me as a whole person with individual unique needs."

What experts have to say about the PCOS and Food Peace course

Lindsay Stenovec MS, RD, CEDRD


As a registered dietitian in the field of disordered eating and women's health, Julie Duffy Dillion is my go-to expert on the management of PCOS with a non-diet approach. Julie has provided evidence-based recommendations that my clients feel empowered by. She focuses on realistic nutritional management, supplementation, understanding cravings and appetite, and supportive movement, all while embracing body diversity & respect.

Jennifer McGurk, RDN, CDN, CDE, CEDRD


If you want to experience the best support out there for PCOS, Julie Duffy Dillon is THE expert for you. I would highly recommend taking her course Step-By-Step Guide to PCOS and Food Peace™. This is life-changing work!!

Sumner Brooks, MPH, RDN, LD

Founder of EDRDpro

Thank you Julie for your expertise in PCOS! As a nutrition therapist, I've seen how common it is for women with PCOS to have not had credible, accurate, or healing advice given to them regarding their diagnosis and/or management and am so thrilled to now have Julie's resources and programs available to refer them to. Julie is truly my go-to expert for everything PCOS! She has the greatest skills I've seen in combining PCOS management with a non-diet approach which is exactly what we need. I would encourage anyone in need of this information to take Julie's course to feel empowered and up-to-date with all things PCOS.

Ready for this next step on your Food Peace journey?

The PCOS and Food Peace course: The Non-Diet And Body Liberating Digital Course By Registered Dietitian And PCOS Expert Julie Duffy Dillon