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We are no longer accepting new students to the PCOS + Food Peace Provider course.

I still remember my first client with PCOS.

She came to see me because she felt chaotic around food. It was controlling her life yet she never felt satisfied.

Have you met someone with PCOS like this?

She was told to cut out carbs and exercise more. She tried and tried yet felt like a failure. The client reported constant binges, emotional eating, and described herself as a food addict.

I didn't think she failed. The diets did. I scoured my Big Nutrition Textbooks for a way to help. They all pointed to treating this client like she had diabetes (she didn't) and help her lose weight. They were wrong.

I knew diets didn't work (they still don't!) so why would they for PCOS? I was stumped. I knew I needed to help this client find another way.

Especially after I saw hundreds more just like her.

Clients with PCOS have tried everything to feel better. We owe them another way to relate to food and their bodies.

Our clients have been given plates full of shame and toolboxes overflowing with diets that don't work.

I am against putting people with PCOS on another diet. I am against preying on their vulnerability saying we have a cure.

There is no cure yet we can help them find their way to Food Peace.

Hi, I am Julie---a dietitian trained as a mental health counselor, eating disorder specialist, and PCOS expert. I run a group private practice in Central North Carolina that uses only non-diet medical nutrition therapy for those with PCOS and eating disorders.

I have been privileged to walk along side hundreds of people affected by PCOS and was featured on the TLC documentary My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

I have gathered evidenced-based practicies AND created practice-based treatment methods that are helping people with PCOS improve ovulation, lower insulin, normalize cholesterol panels, sleep better, improve mood, be kinder to their bodies and promote health.

I can't wait to share all my tools with you. Below I outline the course. Give me a call 336.273.2808 x 1 or email [email protected] for any questions. I will personally answer any questions to help you decide if this course investment is the best next step for you.

Here's what the RDN PCOS and Food Peace Course includes...

  • A self-paced digital course you do at your own speed. Think Netflix binge or one module a's up to you!

  • Video and audio files you can stream or download to your computer to do anywhere.

  • 12 course modules FULL of the content I share with clients. Each walks you through the specific language I use to help people with PCOS move away from body hate and improve health. I highlight and explain the specific PCOS physiology throughout.

  • Should people with PCOS limit carbs? I have an individual module on that (and protein, fats, exercise, sleep, and stress too)!

  • My top PCOS handouts for new client sessions and beyond! Save bandwidth and time.

  • Modules on all the supplments I recommend and why.

  • Client Resource Library: Many PCOS topics can be tricky, technical, or detail-oriented. Clients like being able to take a hard copy of the material home with them. Print out these PDFs to further assist clients to make the changes they are working toward.

  • The PCOS Intuitive Eating Scale. I invented this scale because I noticed people with PCOS can do Intuitive Eating and it just looks different. This is important and can keep your clients moving forward rather than stuck!

Check out these bonuses!

  • Monthly supervision--it's my favorite bonus! Here we deep dive into your most challenging cases, sharpen your HAES nutrition therapy, and gather up to 5 supervision hours for your CEDRD credential (I am an iaedp approved supervisor).

  • Pre-diabetes and Diabetes module because those who have PCOS and Diabetes can do Intuitive Eating too.

  • Ready-for-clients audio guided meditations to share on their tough days with food cravings, body image, holidays and pressure to succumb to Diet Culture or Body Hate.


    Get an individual supervision session with me once you have gone through the course content. We will be sure you walk away with all the info you need to help your clients with PCOS without diets!


    After completing the course, individual supervision, and 12 group calls, you will be come an official PCOS and Food Peace Provider!

What others with PCOS have to say about Julie

  • Melissa, woman with PCOS

    "Julie is the kindest and most compassionate person whose approach is grounded in science and data. I feel so much more confident in how to approach my PCOS. There is so much shame embedded in PCOS and Julie removes all of it. I cannot thank Julie enough. She is a stabilizing, compassionate, caring partner in the treatment of disordered eating and PCOS."

  • Elizabeth, woman with PCOS

    "Julie Duffy Dillon knows PCOS inside and out. She spoke to me with compassion and at the same time taught me so much about the underlying issues caused by PCOS. Her specific recommendations have helped me to improve my hormone profile and I feel a lot better. Every woman who has been diagnosed with PCOS should consider working with Julie-- I can't recommend her enough!"

  • Anonymous, woman with PCOS

    "Julie treated more than just my dietary PCOS needs. She treated my entire PCOS experience, including how I relate to the world while navigating through life as a woman in a larger body. I didn’t feel like "another patient.” I felt like Julie saw me as a whole person with individual unique needs."

What dietitians have to say about the PCOS and Food Peace Course

Lindsay Stenovec MS, RD, CEDRD


As a registered dietitian in the field of disordered eating and women's health, Julie Duffy Dillion is my go-to expert on the management of PCOS with a non-diet approach. Julie has provided evidence-based recommendations that my clients feel empowered by. She focuses on realistic nutritional management, supplementation, understanding cravings and appetite, and supportive movement, all while embracing body diversity & respect.

Jennifer McGurk, RDN, CDN, CDE, CEDRD


If you want to experience the best support out there for PCOS, Julie Duffy Dillon is THE expert for you. I would highly recommend taking her course Step-By-Step Guide to PCOS and Food Peace™. This is life-changing work!!

Sumner Brooks, MPH, RDN, LD

Founder of EDRDpro

Thank you Julie for your expertise in PCOS! As a nutrition therapist, I've seen how common it is for women with PCOS to have not had credible, accurate, or healing advice given to them regarding their diagnosis and/or management and am so thrilled to now have Julie's resources and programs available to refer them to. Julie is truly my go-to expert for everything PCOS! She has the greatest skills I've seen in combining PCOS management with a non-diet approach which is exactly what we need. I would encourage anyone in need of this information to take Julie's course to feel empowered and up-to-date with all things PCOS.